I obtained a degree in electrical engineering with minors in math, physics, and CS in 1997. I sometimes play bass and sing in a cover band; I also run an online game server with a rather large contingent of visually impaired players.

I recently became a black belt at the Louisville ShaolinDo school for Chinese martial arts. If you're in that area, you may want to take a look - this is a small school with six very good, very well trained instructors. They're not slave drivers, but they expect a lot and you can go far as long as you're willing to put in the time.

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A mud is an text based 'virtual reality' game, where you can log in and interact with other people. Dentin's MUD is named 'Alter Aeon', and can be found at the Alter Aeon main page. It has been open to the public since the summer of 1995, and its official birth date is January 15, 1995. It has a solid, long lived player base and caters extensively to the blind and visually impaired.

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Miscellaneous electrical engineering and signal processing writings go here. These in general won't be very technical or math intensive; the intent is to give some general ideas and detail my experiences in a few arcane fields. It will probably be assumed that readers will have some minimum amount of domain knowledge to understand the basic ideas.

V.34 Fax Demodulator Initial Training Howto

CFL Power Factor - Fear or Fiction?

Images of various interesting places and events.

Pictures from the 2009 late january ice storm in Louisville, Ky

Pictures from the 2009 august rainstorm in Louisville, Ky

Miscellaneous cool stuff.

EFNI, one of the best technical Babylon 5 fan sites on the web. EFNI is a vast treasure trove of information on the combat and ship specifications in the Babylon 5 universe. Keep in mind that the maintainer of the site knows english only as a second language - don't let the broken grammar fool you. This site contains without a doubt some of the most technically sound, hard-science descriptions of the technology in the Babylon 5 universe to date.

Gemcraft Abuse, a tale of my exploits and abuse of the final level of this fun little flash game.

Excellent talks and presentations on a number of topics, distributed for free by the TED think tank.
A free US radar map that doesn't suck, unlike all those commercial sites.
Lots of cool stuff, and some wierd/cool stories at
Collaborative fiction in a slow-bootstrap singularity future.
The New York Magician novel on Everything2, written by The Custodian.

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